How does CBD and THC Work to Unlock & Promote Marijuana`s Medical Benefits?

How Does CBD and THC Work to Unlock & Promote Medical Benefits

As you probably know Hemp contains a non-psychoactive component (Constituent) called CBD which stands for Cannabidiol. CBD has been clinically tested to heal many different ailments including but not limited to Pain Reduction, Anxiety, Depression, Arthritis, Cancer, Leukemia, MS, Seizures and Sleep Disorders in studies performed by the National Institute of Health etc.. CBD by itself has been tested to pharmacologically Modulate the effects of THC (Tetrahydrocannabidiol). Because CBD Modulates the effect`s of THC it transforms the Health Benefits by changing the way THC work`s physiologically to heal the human body. It`s a proven fact that THC would cause more side effects without CBD being present in the Marijuana Plant (Cannabis Sativa L.) as CBD Mitigates (lessen`s) THC`S side effects. Additionally, the majority of the Medicinal Benefits are derived from CBD and other various forms of Marijuana`s Constituents including but not limited to: 8 Various Terpenes, CBG, CBN, CBV etc. which are ALL contained in the Marijuana plant. CBD Mitigates THC`S potential harmful side effect`s by changing the way THC works or effects the human body by making THC less psychoactive and more Medicinal! Thus CBD and THC are dependent upon each other to [ACTIVATE] Marijuana`s Medicinal benefits. Furthermore, CBD is less dependent upon THC for it`s Medical benefits; although CBD is tremendously more effective with THC even though is contains less then .3% THC. [1] Therefore, THC unlocks the Medicinal Power of CBD which is why I recommend Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extracts (which contain less than .3% THC) over CBD Isolate (THC FREE) as these two ingredients are interdependent to Fully [ACTIVATE] Marijuana`s Medicinal Powers!

[1] Please note that the Federal Government enacted the Hemp Act in January of 2014 which changed Marijuana to be considered as Hemp if it contained less then .3% THC. This allowed the States to start their own Hemp Agricultural Department because the Government made the Marijuana Species (aka Cannabis Sativa L.) Hemp based upon the above stated lowered THC content. It`s of note that not all of the States have enacted legislation to permit their Agricultural Department`s to allow Hemp to be grown legally in every state. Additionally, not all states have allowed businesses to open Hemp Based CBD stores. Please check your state and local laws on the legality of Hemp Based CBD products before starting a Hemp Based CBD business. Although the Federal Government considers Hemp to be 100% legal to grow, manufacture and possess since the Hemp Law was enacted in early 2014.

Author: Drew Divine CPT, CSN, RM

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