Five Reasons Why Hemp Based Full-Spetrum CBD Oil/Products are more Efficacious Than Hemp Based THC Free CBD Oil/Products.

Here are five reasons why hemp based full-spectrum CBD OIl/Products are more efficacious when it comes to medicinal health benefits than Hemp based THC Free CBD/Products.

(1) Hemp Based THC Free CBD Oil/Products are Void of not just THC but from all other Cannabinoids, Terpenes and ALL other unknown Constituent`s that are known to be in Hemp which may have Extraordinary Health Benefits.

(2) These less popular Constituents are Extremely Powerful and Modulate the Effects of CBD and they have the Potential to Heal many disease`s and/or may Potentiate Immunity and other Unknown Medicinal Health Benefits. 

(3) Hemp contains over 200 various Cannabinoids (CBD is just one of them) many of these unknown or unpopular Cannabinoids have not been investigated to know or understand what the Full-Impact or Health Benefits are.

(4) It`s Most likely some of these other Cannabinoids will have a Unique, Stronger and/or more Powerful Impact regarding Health Benefits than CBD.

(5) The Cumulative Effects of these other Constituent`s (aka Phytochemicals) contained in Full Spectrum CBD Oil/Products will most cause a greater Medicinal Health Benefit, which has been called the Entourage Effect.


Further studies are being conducted on what`s called the
Entourage Effect. The Entourage Effect is that ALL of the Constituents contained
in the Hemp Plant cause a Group Effect far Superior to CBD by itself because
these other Various Constituents aka (Phytochemicals) contained in the Hemp
plant promote a Stronger Medicinal Effect. These various Phytochemicals cause Synergistic
Effects by building Immunity as they promote Health, Wellness and Vitality!

When you isolate a specific Constituent from a plant you are also removing the
other supporting Phytochemicals that help Support-Activate the main
Active-Ingredient to cause it`s Medicinal Health Benefits! Therefore, it`s
reasonable that Full-Spectrum CBD Oil/Products are Superior in it`s Effects
then THC FREE CBD OIl/Products…

Drew Divine

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